The Health Advantages of Burning Soy Candles

Soy Candles

You can choose from a wide range of tempting scents to make your 100% soy wax candle last longer. The Wood and Wick candle range is made with natural undyed soybean wax. This is a safer and more sustainable alternative than many of the paraffin wax candles available on the market.

Soy wax can be biodegraded and is fully renewable, making them the most eco-friendly candles. They also smell amazing. The candles have a very clean burn, with less soot and more heat than the paraffin alternatives. All of our soy candles made from real soybeans are free of phthalates. Candle wax melter is used to Heat up and melt the wax for soy candle. Even though soy candles no longer provide nightlight, they remain an ornamental fixture in many homes. A soy candle is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, whether you are having guests over for dinner or just taking a moment to yourself in the bubble bath. You don’t have to worry about the smoke if you use soy candles instead of paraffin. The fake flicker is a good alternative to candles that emit toxic fumes. Soy-based candles are natural and soft. They don’t have the dangers that can be associated with burning waxes or paraffin wax. If you don’t want to give up candles for the sake of your health, you might be able to switch to a soy-based candle next time you want some mood lighting.

The Dangers of Paraffin

Hidden dangers can be found in candles made from paraffin. They also contain additives. These are chemicals that are added to the wax to improve its appearance, smell, and burn. Additives made from petroleum such as microcrystalline can improve the texture and glossiness of wax. Paraffin candles contain the following common compounds:

Vybar – This polymer increases paraffin’s melting point and allows the wax to mix well with fragrances and dyes.

Mineral oil: You can make a mottled effect with mineral oils.

Polysorbate 80 is a compound that blends oils and scents to make paraffin wax.

UV light inhibitor: This prevents the premature fading and discoloration of colored candles caused by sunlight.

The use of paraffin candles may lead to health problems in adults. The South Carolina State University conducted a study that found long-term exposure to certain types of candles could cause poor air quality, and poses a risk to the health of a home’s residents. The toxic chemicals in paraffin candles include alkenes. Alkenes. and toluene. Long-term inhalation of these chemicals can lead to chronic conditions like asthma, common allergies, and certain types of cancers.

Why Do You Choose Soy Candles?

Soy candles can be made from soybeans. This makes them safer and more natural than petroleum-based parabens. You are helping soybean farmers by buying hand-poured soy candles.

The South Carolina State University study found that vegetable-based candles, such as soy candles, did not emit any of the harmful pollutants released by paraffin. They don’t produce unsightly black smoke, which can not only be irritating to the eyes but also pose a danger to your health. The soy candle can develop a fine, white residue from prolonged use. It is safe and easy to clean. With a little warm, soapy water, soy wax can be cleaned off almost any surface.

Soy Candles Can Be Made Vegan

You might find candle shopping frustrating if your only concern is not using animal products. There are many kinds of candles that use animal products. Tallow is made from animal fat, beeswax from beehives, and some waxes are even made from whales or dolphins. Soy candles are vegan and don’t require animal products to be produced or used.


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