Unique Ideas of Using Aesthetic Lighting At Home

Home décor starts with lighting. The basic elements of home lighting are mainly table lamps, overhead lights, reading lights in some corners, etc. now that we have laid down the basics, let’s move to the more advanced level. These lightings serve a utilitarian function, but let’s also talk about some of the purely aesthetic lightings in our homes.

While talking about aesthetics, we must not forget to mention the chandeliers. These hanging pieces of beauty exude opulence and grandeur. If you want to take the looks of your interior to next level, you ought to have chandeliers in your home. The best place to buy chandeliers from is Sofary. Their unique crystal chandelier ideas will leave you in awe.

This brand was established with the sole purpose of offering beautiful and quality chandeliers at affordable costs. Their chandeliers are affordable because they buy them directly from the creators, thus, cutting the cost of the middle man.

Creative Lighting Designs

1- Low floor lamp- lamps are pretty commonplace. However, low-floor lamps are a really creative variation of these banal lamps. Unlike conventional lamps, they exude ambient mood lighting in place of the general utilitarian lighting. They also help in adding more dimensions to the object placed in their juxtaposition.

2- Pendants on the bedside lamps- one of the greatest ideas with lamps is installing them in the form of pendants. They are suspended freely from the bedside and they make it very easy for the sleepy heads to doze in peaceful sleep, knowing that if by chance they flail the alarm, they won’t be knocking off the lamp on the floor.

3- Chandeliers in the bathrooms – the very use of chandeliers at home as a house interior décor is of great aesthetic value. These crystals suspended from the ceiling add grace to the overall looks and feel of your home. A chandelier over the bathtub is a very unique and aesthetic way of incrementing the overall looks and feel.

In case, you have a lower ceiling, a piece that is closer to the ceiling will be more suited to your need. Longer lengths are best for corner spaces. At all times, the light source effect must be kept in mind, i.e., the most flattering lighting effect is offered by incandescent objects. LEDs last longer and give a massive amount of light.

However, fluorescent is cost-effective and energy efficient.

4- Double-duty light objects- in the case of bath lighting, you can easily nullify the actual light fixtures. Some of the examples are integrated LED mirrors, which are lit from within and provide lighting in the room as well as hide the light from the view. The light which they offer is plenty for the bathroom activities.

This is a relatively new concept and is still gaining traction.


There are plenty of ideas to replace the conventional lighting methods. With the marches of time, new ideas of lighting the place have emerged which are expeditiously replacing the traditional modes of lighting.


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