Few Tips for Managing Your Google Advertisement Budget


Any hardcore online business owners understand that these days, people just don’t visit, but they live online. They just reach for any device nearby the moment they like to buy or know about something.

Now having such a large audience living at their fingertips, how should you set your right marketing budget for advertising successfully?

One thing you can do is, hire an agency like Australian Internet Advertising to help you manage your Google ads Perth campaign as they have the necessary expertise and can help you to make your campaign successful.

Besides that, the following few tips to manage your Google advertisement budget can also help your cause.

  1. Learn how PPC works

If you know how PPC advertising works then you will be able to control your expenditure accordingly. Through Google advertisements budget management, you will bid on popular keywords and then pay your bid amount only when they will click your advertisement to visit your site or call you.

  1. Set your objectives before setting your budget

Before you set your budget, you must try to find the answer to the following few questions.

  • What are you hoping to achieve by advertising online?
  • Are you interested to draw more traffics to your site?
  • Do you want more local prospects to call you?
  • Whether you are interested to build your business awareness in a certain location, or among a few special customer demographics?
  1. Connect to your Google advertisements and also analytics accounts

There is a Google analytics available that will let you know the following:

  • The number of times your advertisements were shown in searches
  • When they have been clicked

With Google Analytics, which is available free, you can understand better what customers do after they have clicked your advertisement and visited your website.

  1. Stick to your budget

Set your monthly budget for Google advertisement and then you must stick to it. Google Ads will allow you to set the daily limit of your budget that is spent for showing your ad. This is because Google will analyse daily search traffic when more people will search, Google Ads may show your advertisements more frequently, and when traffic is down less frequently.

  1. Save the Google display network for your later use

In case you have a limited budget, you could do better by displaying advertisements on your Google display network. Your display advertisements may reach a wider audience in comparison to search ads, your conversions from display advertisements also are lower, as you are not reaching only those searching for what you are offering then.

  1. Target specific locations

Those who have a local shop, then you will prefer to attract local customers rather than showing your advertisements to the whole country, that could use plenty of your budget for no use.

You must tweak your Google advertisement for targeting only to show your advertisements to local people.

  1. Try to target a lower position in the search results

Usually, most people wish that their advertisement will appear on the top of the search results. However, that advertisements that will show you in 4th position or even below still may get traffic but with a benefit of a much lower cost per click.

  1. Try long-tail keywords

It will be better to consider trying out a few ‘long-tail keywords’, with 3 or more words. That is because they will be less obvious or popular, and the competition for such keywords is smaller. Therefore, it will mean that they will also have a much lower cost per click.

  1. Create specific campaigns

Avoid using the entire PPC budget to create one campaign, rather try to extend to a minimum of 2 to 3 different campaigns. Your entire budget otherwise will be consumed for only a single campaign.

  1. Monitor and adjust

In Google advertisements, you can easily track the results of the online marketing campaigns so that you can refine your strategies, and budget, whenever you like. So, you must constantly try new campaigns and strategies guided by Google analytics.

Any Google advertisements budget can make an impact to help you to reach your goals. You need to be savvy about your expenditure on advertisement and apply your smart planning by using the above tips, and then tweak and test your ads to get the most out of your marketing investment.

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