How to Find the Right Decision-maker To Successfully Sell Enterprise Software?

Selling software to a huge enterprise needs a different approach in comparison to selling to SMBs. There are many companies but only a few percentages qualify as enterprises [more than 1000 employees] having annual average sales of $2.7 billion. Before you start marketing consider your current status, relationships as well as strategies. For example, if your future plan is to sell software to enterprises then invest in recruiting people with valuable niche contacts.

Relationship with the right people is the key to success. You are selling to people, who operate within the large business. People purchase valued products from the ones they like, trust, and have confidence in. Building relationships take some time, so an average sales cycle within an enterprise can be around 10 to 12 months.

Selling enterprise software training course even helps learners to understand the decision-making process within an enterprise and why sales close can be delayed. You can contact the Data Management Education website for more information on their certification course. Each enterprise is distinct but there are some common structures you need to be familiar with –

  • Sole decision maker – It can be the president, SEO or special project director, or department head depending on organizational structure.
  • Board-approved decision making – A sole decision-maker may need board approval even after they are interested. There will be a wait for the next board meeting.
  • Multiple decision-makers – Even if there is a sole decision-maker, he/she depends a lot on team decisions or group consensus.

You will be taught how to identify the authoritative personnel, who will influence the closing of a deal. How to find the correct decision maker is a challenge but not impossible.

  • Start with people you personally know – If you are a startup look for contacts and share your business to acquire warm referrals. People who trust in your product are the ones who will help in gaining entrance to your target enterprise.
  • Procure the first client – Even if your first client is a small business, it will help to move to an enterprise-sized business with confidence. A satisfied first client will be your advocate to procure a second client or even 100th. The first customer who chooses your valuable product will always desire your business growth.
  • Be a medium – In business world, people build great connections even with your contacts, so introduce your connections and help in developing new relationships. Making a referral means you are placing your repute at stake, therefore ensure to make worthy networks.
  • Resolve issues – Never be a sales rep but a good consultant. Try to sell solutions. Your focus must never be your sales asset but on how valuable your product is to resolve the prospect’s pain points. Listen to their issues and help with a better solution rather than just talking and talking.
  • Participate actively in industry events – Choose a few trade shows, educational seminars, or industry events and become a regular sponsor. At the start, your shows will feel isolated as you may have few connections but as years pass you will meet influencers and attain opportunities.

There are many other ways to sell enterprise software to big companies but the main thing is to build and nurture relationships. Relationships help to build trust, appreciation, and confidence that is essential in a sales cycle!

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